Friday, June 26, 2009

M'as-tu vu? CAN YOU SEE ME?

I was checking out Blogger's Blogs of Note and daydreaming about the day when "Chasing the end of my rainbow" has the number of followers these blogs do (334? I was excited when I hit double digits.). Shortly after that, one follower, who happens to work in publishing, offers me a book deal. Obviously my book will be a bestseller. It's going to be magical.

Anyway, one of the Blogs of Note, "Avignon in Photos," quickly put a stop to my famous blog/book deal daydream and promptly started the one where I move to France and have escapades similar to the Americans in Tender is the Night and A Moveable Feast. Beth and I got a head start last night when I called her "mon petit chou" and she thought I called her a dog. Nope, just my little cabbage. Chien, chou...French is tricky.

Some of my favorites from Avignon in Photos:
"M'as-tu vu?" is a phrase I think of often (translating it as "can you see me?"), primarily when I'm waiting tables, apparently invisible to my customers. Seriously, can't you see me standing next to your table? Can you hear me asking if you want a drink? Quit ignoring me!

Maybe instead of just repeating myself loudly ("CHIPS, FRIES, OR VEGGIES?"; "DO YOU WANT A BEER?"), I'll just start screaming, "M'AS-TU VU?"

I need that book deal. Fast.

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  1. in french "m'as-tu vu?" could mean as well somethink like : you're very arrogant, showing off in the streets by wearing very fancy things.(like a rich spoiled girl from the upper east side in NY.