Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing…the best bike in the whole world

You might be wondering: How many posts can Alison possibly talk about this EFFing bike? The answer: A LOT.

I’d like to introduce Patricia:

I can think of no better name for this beauty. She was my grandma’s, and my grandma’s name happens to be…Patricia! Now, my grandma goes by Pat, but that just won’t do for this bike. It’s Patricia. Remember that.

D and D (Dad and Debbie) delivered Patricia on Friday night, and of course my Dad shined her up for me beforehand. Check out how she gleams in the sunlight.

Saturday, after a lovely trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and to Goose Island for dinner and delicious beer, we got back to my apartment, and I think Debbie could tell I was antsy to take Patricia for a spin. (My dad was falling asleep into his beer at the time.)

The next thing I know, I am suddenly 12-years-old again. D and D walked around the block while I circled around them a few times. (I wasn’t ready to brave the traffic on Belmont without a helmet.)

The wind was in my hair. I was grinning like a maniac. I passed D and D and waved wildly. I almost ran into a car. My neighbors out on their porches looked increasingly confused at the sight of a grown woman on a bike riding around in circles on a Saturday evening. I kept grinning. Then I forgot how to brake.

The next day, we went to Target and picked out a helmet. Still looking for the suit of armor.

All in all, a great weekend!

And just a warning to all you possible bike thieves out there: Stay away from Patricia. We don't want this to happen. Yeah, it's another Pee Wee clip. Accept it.


"I bought this one hour before my bike was stolen! WHY? WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE?!



  1. i think u should bring that bike to LA and teach the OTHER d how to ride a bike

  2. yes! I think my dad was about our age when he learned how to ride a bike, so it's perfect.

    until then, you can ride on the sparkly green handlebars, D-money.

  3. I must admit, Patricia is one hot bitch.

    She has style, class, grace, and that green is SO in fashion these days. I'm proud to call her a friend. : )

  4. she's kind of an attention whore though. Not that I know anything about that HAHA!