Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Seriously, how does anyone accomplish anything while at an office these days? Right when I start focusing on an assignment, one of the following things happens.

A. gChat
B. text message
C. gChat
D. realize my ass hurts from this awful desk chair
E. stomach growls
F. doze off
G. gChat
H. Facebook
J. gChat about how my ass hurts
K. daily trip to vending machine for 30 cent DDP
L. gChat
M. start blogging about all the distractions

This doesn't even include time spent on look at this fucking hipster, NYT, feministing, go fug yourself, slate, etc.

Yet miraculously, I'm still getting everything finished on time. Umm, does blogging about this potentially compromise my chances of getting hired? Shit. This might get deleted in 15 minutes.

I think I need to sleep for about 2 weeks.


  1. gchat has taken over my a good way.

    Also, I'm insanely jealous of your 30c DDP. If I get pop in my building its $1.25. UGH. Talk about an expensive addiction! Cocaine...pshaw...DC will cost me $xxxx a year!

  2. Just think about how much money we all spent on DC and Mars bars in London!

    But yeah, can't beat the 30c DDP!

  3. how come i never see u on gchat!!