Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hamm Family Photos

Jay undertook the major project of scanning some old family photos and putting together a slideshow in memory of our grandparents--our grandpa passed away this February, our grandma 13 years ago as of tomorrow--and some of these photos are too badass not to show off.

Here, Grandpa milking a cow. To state the obvious. And here are two of Grandma Hamm:

Clearly, becoming a cat lady was inevitable. It's in the Hamm genes.


  1. These photos are (in the voice of Christopher Cross Griffin) BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!
    But seriously, your grandmother was a stone cold fox! And yes, you were always destined to become a cat lady...just as I am destined to become a crazy bitch. It's completely unavoidable, which is why I have already accepted the title role.
    Yours truly,
    Crazy Redheaded Biotch (the 'o' symbolizes how hip and fresh I am compared to my past generations)

  2. fun! you had no help in the cat dept!