Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Dream Big. I am a Super Woman.

I just applied to be the head blogger for Alicia Keys' new website.

In case you were ever wondering, what's Alison's dream job? Well, this is it. Exactly.

Holy crap. Dear Alicia Keys, please hire me for this job, and change my life forever. Who cares that I've never been to NYC? Whatevs. For this job, I'd live on the North Pole.

And you know what? I would kick some serious ass as her head blogger. I know it. And no, not just because Alicia is my dream woman.

Check out the vision for the new site:

" (I Am A will ignite super women with empowering content, delivering vibrant and optimistic news, opinion, and entertainment at a supersonic pace. IAAS (I Am A SuperWoman) will give powerhouses everywhere one source to connect with each other--and the world."
I am a Super Woman? I love it! Every little thing about it. Love. It.

The last time I drove home, I listened to this one song from her new album repeatedly. The message in it is exactly what I need in my life right now.

From "Through it All":
Don't think about the past, don't worry bout the future
Just live in the moment
Long as there's another day there will be another way
A chance to make it through
 Listen to it. If that doesn't inspire you, well...listen to it again, cause you weren't really listening.

Maybe she'll hire me. Probably, she won't. Either way, I'm still dreaming the big dream. I'm a super woman.


  1. woooo what an amazing job! good luck!

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