Friday, May 1, 2009

OH, D! A Friday tribute

In 2 short days, Diana Koo (aka, "d") has become not only the top commenter on my blog, but she has also officially contributed possibly the best comment ever to be seen on any blog, anywhere. And that is this:
d said...

Ok... I think I am officially your dumb friend! why is everyone typing in correct grammar and using all these big words? anyway... your writing reminds me of Marian Keyes, have you ever read. go read it. its funny.

If you know D, you know that she doesn't like to bother with correct grammar or capitalizing anything at any time when IMing, texting, or emailing. I first terrified D when I sent her an email shortly before our freshman year of college. We were "pot luck" roommates, so we got each other's contact information about a month before school started. So I quickly sent her a very eager email telling her not to worry, I had a mini fridge, TV, DVD player, microwave, phone, blah blah blah--basically, that she didn't have to buy a bunch of shit for our dorm room. This was all thanks to my over eager mother who was pretty convinced I was going to starve to death at school (oh, if only she knew what was going to happen!). As if that didn't confirm what a super geek I was, I also wrote the email as if I were writing an email to my future professor rather than roommate. Yeah, I proofread it. Every "I" was capitalized. Every sentence was a complete one.
I'd like to say that once we met, Diana realized how normal and cool I was, so she overlooked these geeky details. Not exactly. But D and I quickly realized in our tiny closet of a dorm room--as I handed her Capri Suns from the mini fridge to the top bunk where she was napping, and she confessed to me that she ate my Pop Tart--that we were kindred spirits. AKA, both fucking crazy. Still, I would never have survived freshman year at IU without my nightly dinners with D at Wright Food Court, where I scared her by eating fish sandwiches and finishing my meal in 5 minutes, and she astounded me by how slowly one human being can eat a meal. Soon we discovered the glorious wonders of the "C" store and the Big Ten special from Pizza Express, and I discovered that the Freshman 15 wasn't really a myth.

On a more serious note, I also would never have survived losing my mother my first semester of college if it were not for Diana. She's going to call me a creep, but I still have the note she gave me the morning I left to go to the hospital the day my mom died. Neither of us understood what was about to happen, but we both knew it was bad. And she had more compassion for me and my family than some people I'd known my entire life did. That's just the kind of person she is. It's certainly not easy to lose your mom right when you start college, but did you ever think about what it's like to be two months into college and be sharing a bunk bed with a girl whose mom just died? Especially when that girl doesn't talk about it, seems "normal," then on the weekend gets blackout drunk and starts weeping in your lap? Yeah.

An example of what she had to deal with (circa soph year, University Commons):

Basically what I'm saying here, in case you didn't get it, is that we call her D-Money for a reason. Because she is money.

So, my first Friday tribute goes to Diana. (I haven't yet decided if there will be any future Friday tributes, just FYI.) DIANA KOO, I LOVE YOU! kiss kiss, meow meow.

*DISCLAIMER* the above photos are from sophomore year of college. Please keep that in mind. Thank you. Please take the time to view this photo, which more accurately portrays the foxy mommas that we truly are. And by we I mean D. Hot momma. :-)


  1. ali!!! hahahhahaha i love you so! this makes me want to rub your butt! i am just trying to keep up with my creep character... and god forbid i use correct grammar

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