Friday, May 29, 2009

And the Pursuit of Happiness

I'm really loving Maira Kalman's illustrated blog, "And the Pursuit of Happiness" on the NYT. My favorite post is "May It Please the Court"—particularly the ending:

(It reads: “And then I come home and look at a photo of dear Eleanor Roosevelt wearing an improbable yet wonderful hat. Where does courage come from? I call my aunt in Israel. She is 92. And I ask her, “What is the most important thing?” And she answers, “Self-confidence.”)

Her most recent post, "At Ease," was a little bit of a disappoint to me for reasons I can't really pinpoint—maybe because it feels like, to a degree, she's lumping all soldiers into one tiny box? I'm not sure. But it was of particular interest to me because my brother Tom will be returning to Afghanistan for his second tour later this summer. Wonder what he'd think about it?

Either way, I think she's clever. Check it out.

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  1. this post is a bit too intellectual for my taste... educate me! or u can read out loud to me heehee