Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why Netflix is Ruining my Life

It's simple: the "Watch Instantly" tab. It is the cause of my downfall. Well, that, and my rapidly decreasing amount of shifts at work. But let's focus on Netflix for now.

About a week and a half ago, I got off work and thought, I don't really feel like committing to an entire movie--how about I just watch a couple of old episodes of "The Office"? Brilliant idea, right? WRONG.

So I find Season 3. I hit "Play."

Fast forward to today, a week and a half later. I am now on Season 4. Do you know how many episodes there are in Season 3? DO YOU? I have now watched approximately 28 episodes of "The Office" in less than two weeks. I'm not proud of myself.

Damn you, Netflix! Damn you! They make it so easy. One episode ends, and guess what? Just jump right into the next one!

I have to get out of the house. Immediately.

Before I go:


  1. Al -- just WAIT to see what happens when you run OUT of episodes to watch. That's when the real mind-losing occurs. I recommend starting 90210, lol.