Monday, April 27, 2009

Special Edition: Monday Swayze Fest

First off, let me apologize for ruining your Sunday yesterday. I know you were all anxiously waiting for Swayze Fest, and then it never happened. How could I?

Here's what happened. I was ready to post a very special Swayze tribute, and then I decided I'd first watch the Barbara Walters interview with Patrick and his wife discussing his pancreatic cancer. Everything went downhill from there. I've mostly been in denial that the love of my life has Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but now I can't deny it anymore. I got so upset I almost threw my Macbook out the window. And we all know that would have been a disaster.

To cheer us all up, I have a special Swayze treat for you on this Monday evening. Enjoy.


  1. have you always been this obsessed with patrick?!

  2. Oh, D...don't you know me at all!

    the answer is YES