Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Sunday! You know what that means!


Swayze was actually in my dream last night--completely PG kind of dream, though I probably shouldn't tell random people I work with about my dreams about Patrick, cause I think I'm freaking them out. I'm pretty sure having a Dirty Dancing wall calendar in my room is the main cause of this, because the Swayze dreams have been happening on a monthly basis this year. Why I'm telling coworkers about my dreams, I don't know, but...yeeeah. Basically in these dreams I keep randomly running into him (or waiting on him at my bar) and professing my love to him. He usually just pats me on the shoulder and looks nervous.

He's certainly never doing anything this badass:

"You're too stupid to have a good time!" HA!

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  1. Most of what I know about social deportment was learned through Swayze nuggets of wisdom in Roadhouse.