Monday, September 27, 2010

Will You Ever Forgive Me?

Yikes. Apparently I've started a new trend on the Rainbow Chronicles that involves me only posting on Mondays. And only about music. I swear my brain is not totally devoid of all thoughts except this. I swear it. I know you've all been crying and screaming at your computer screens:

"Where are the poetry slams?! The awesomely awkward adventures?! The magical moments waiting tables?!


Am I right? I knew it. Don't fret, my darlings. I have not forgotten you. More poetry slams are in the works. I am still always, always, awesomely awkward. Living in Knightstown just doesn't seem to warrant the awkward adventures that being in Chicago did. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that when I'm not at work, I'm hanging out in my childhood bedroom, having long debates with my cats? I mean ... WHAT? I don't talk to my cats. That would be weird. And speaking of work, I had to sign a "social media contract," which essentially means I'm no longer allowed to document my current magical moments waiting tables. Sigh. I will say this: There have been plenty this summer. PLENTY.

As for Swayze fest ... well, it's just been too hard. Although my brother Tom and I are still planning our North and South marathon, which might actually happen one of these days.

Two other major excuses for not blogging: I've been working on a submission for an essay contest, and my brother Jay got married this past weekend. In other words, I am unable to concentrate on more than two things at once.

I'm not quite yet ready to work on my entry for the Writer's Digest Short Short Story competition this year, so maybe I'll actually blog consistently for a bit.

Maybe. I'm not making any promises.

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