Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mix Tapes: I Heart NPR Music

If you're not hip to NPR's "First Listen" feature, you're missing out. I am 100 percent obsessed with it.

Just a sample of the awesomeness it's allowed me to hear, prior to the album release: The Black Keys' Brothers, Jenny and Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now, The Swell Season's Strict Joy, and Joanna Newsom's Have One on Me.

And that's only a sample of the awesomeness! (Yes, I have now used the made-up word, awesomeness, twice in one post. Three times.)

So far today, while attempting to be a grownup and organize my finances (ha!), I have already listened to the new Deerhunter album and am currently falling in love with "a young man Aloe Blacc" (to borrow NPR's turn of phrase). Seriously. Click on that bizness. He's incredible.

After that, my heart is about to go pitter pat for my first full listen of the new John Legend and The Roots collaboration. (I've already pre-ordered it, duh.)

How can I complain about being flat broke when I'm listening to all this awesomeness, sitting on our back porch eating my pop's leftover chicken pot pie?

I can't. Now go brighten your Monday and listen to some music. If you've got any homemade chicken pot pie, all the better.

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