Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once, I went to Praha

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my time in Europe. Mostly, I wish I could go back to London for an extended period of time, but also, I wish I could go back to Prague. Everything seemed sort of magical there. Every other block, it seemed, there would be a random statue. It was beautiful. All of it. Every building, every tree, every bridge, held some sort of mystery to me. Even the money seemed vaguely unreal, like I was in Wonderland, and no longer in Europe. We stayed in this hostel that made me feel like I was in a movie, and I read Girl with a Pearl Earring. Why I read it in Prague that weekend, and not the weekend I was in Amsterdam, is another mystery to me.

When I was in Prague, my hair was red. I remember, when my friends and I walked all the way up to the top of this steeple, I looked out at the beautiful, old city and told myself, Remember this. Remember. 

This is what I saw:  

My hair was blowing in my eyes, but it really didn't matter. Because I was there, in Praha, and the rooftops were red and so was my hair.


  1. Can we take a trip to Europe together? What if we made this our goal for next Christmas?? Or we could take a week in the summer and just ride the train for a week and go to Spain, London, Portugal, Africa, etc.,...wherever we want. I think we should seriously do this.

  2. LET'S GO TO SPAIN!!! AND PORTUGAL! I'm working on my Spanish now... let's go to Barcelona, and then someplace totally random. What do you say?

    Also, come visit me. Immediately.