Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mix Tapes: The Soul of Rock and Roll

I recently became fascinated with Roy Orbison after watching a Traveling Wilburys' DVD with my pops. It's great timing, considering I'm currently living in a room where a Roy Orbison box set sits on my shelf. One of the small joys of living at home. That, and the fireflies that light up the cornfields at night.

I love this:
To me, his voice sounds like the wind forming words and being sent to you from across time. His voice is so alone it defies comparison. It feels like part opera, part mariachi, part lonesome yodel and part Irish tenor via Texas. And there is something so tender, so private about his voice, it confides feelings you keep mostly to yourself. He sounds like a man who is man enough to cry. He feels new and like he's been around for centuries. There is no one in music like him.
Tom Waits, on Roy Orbison (via "Roy Orbison, The Soul of Rock and Roll")

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