Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Negligence and work and such

My poor, poor blog. It just looks sad and rejected lately, doesn't it? Well, hopefully you all haven't given up on me. The negligence is (mostly) due to my crazy work schedule as of late. There have been so many magical moments waiting tables lately that I really should be sharing! Plus, it's gotten a little crazier lately because I, yet again, have taken on another internship. Except this time I refuse to call it an internship. I'm working part-time for The Media Consortium, which so far has been a great experience.

Not only is it about five minutes away from my apartment, it is also around the corner from my local Starbucks Thai restaurant. (Yes, my Thai restaurant, Anong.) And, even better, they actually treat me like a human being! I get to do real work! Hoorah!

So, please forgive me for neglecting the rainbow chronicles. Hopefully I'll get used to working two jobs again soon, and can find more time for the important things. Like blogging.


  1. You still go to Starbucks? Oh hahaha! What is this, 2001? AND, you are giving them publicity on your blog? What else do you recommend, Yahoo!? Panera? Hahahaha.

    I'm off to read pitchfork...

  2. PUHleeez. How many times a week do you frequent Panera?

    Enjoy reading all your pretentious nonsensical music reviews!