Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Mix Tapes: Rat-a-tatting Boombox Moocher

And I would have given anything to be at this Schuba's show. Mike Doughty, I'll bust up a Starbucks with you any day.

(Video is meh, but audio quality good.)

Anyone have his new album? Jay?


  1. I've got it requested from the library, but don't have it yet. Golden Delicious was pretty mediocre, hopefully this is a return to the glory of haughty melodic and skittish/rockity roll.

  2. With track titles like "Lord lord help me just to rock rock on" and "how to fuck a republican," looks like he's trying, at least.

    Let me know if it's good. I wasn't a huge fan of Golden Delicious either, but skittish/rockity roll really was glorious.