Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Why don't you call? Don't you miss me at all?"

Rachael Yamagata knows a thing or two about heartbreak, something a friend and I were talking about tonight at length. Our conversation made me think about something my mom said to me when I was 18, maybe because most conversations make me think about something my mom said to me. Or, let's be honest, the things she'll never get to say to me.

What my mom said was this: "Alison, your heart's been broken enough by your friends and boys alike. It only makes sense that you're going to have to break a heart or two."

Well, Rexanna Hamm was one smart lady, because we all know she was right. And we all know that no matter what side of the heartbreak you're on, both sides hurt for different reasons. I also know that my mom would love Rachael Yamagata just like I do, because Rachael just gets it. (Not to mention her voice. Damn.) Listen to Happenstance just once through and you'll know what I mean.

It's awful when a friend is going through heartbreak, because you know there's a pretty limited amount to what you can do. Sure, you can listen, you can give feedback, but really, you just want to go knock the person out who made her feel that way.

Or, you can burn her a Rachael Yamagata album.


  1. Remember when you told off Rachael Yamagata at her concert?

  2. I said Rachael knows a thing or two about heartbreak. But clearly, she didn't know Dirty Dancing that well.

    And I can't let anyone get away with misquoting Patrick.

  3. I willl have to check her out. my heartbreak album was JB's "Grace"

  4. Rachael gives Jeff a run for his money. They should have dated.