Friday, September 11, 2009

"We're not Mexicans, we're from out of town."

I just woke up from my Kuma's-induced food coma to realize that I now have 20 groupies. Err, followers. Yes! Soon, I will be famous.

This is how I plan to celebrate:

"We don't got no beer—just tequila."

Okay, so in reality, I'm going to go see Inglourious Basterds, but in my mind I'm dancing with the three amigos.


  1. I think I'm #21. And man, do I miss Kuma's. They have nothing like it on the West Coast. *sigh*. I suppose nostalgia ain't gonna get me anywhere, so the next time you eat there, raise a glass of Stella for the Wolverine.

  2. I'll raise a glass of Stella, gladly. But #21? Still says 20, Wolverine. Weren't ready to make it public, I see. :)

  3. There. You're over 21 now. Go get yerself a bracelet and drink freely from the chalice of fame.