Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mix Tapes: Turn Off Your Swag, and Check Your Bag

As it was my 28th birthday this past weekend, it seemed there was no better way to celebrate than weeping into my Alpha King while Rachael Yamagata played sad songs about love at Schubas.

Rachael Yamagata. This is not Schubas. I did not take this.

Just kidding! Well, sorta.

Yes, Rachael Yamagata did play some sad love songs. Yes, I was drinking an Alpha King. And at one or two moments, I might have considered weeping. However, I was not alone and crying in a corner, but it was fun to make it sound like that for a minute. My friend Beth and I went—thanks, Beth!—and I think I can speak for the two of us that it was one element of an overall fun weekend. This was my second time seeing Ms. Yamagata, and she did not disappoint. I love her. (I've documented this love here, and here.)

Moving on to today's if I needed to add more to the increasingly long list of ladies in music I'm crushing on, I've found two more: Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White. You might know them from their work with Shabazz Palaces, but they just released an album as the duo THEESatisfaction. And it's awesome. (Stream the full album here.)

[via Sub Pop]

Pretty Much Amazing has a rather spot-on review of the album, and as I don't have much to add and would rather just listen to the music more while I attend to the piles of laundry at my apartment, I'll just leave you with their review, and this:

Whatever you do, don't funk with my groove.

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