Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Which I Ring In The Blog's First Post of 2012, The Only Way I Know How.

Hey Rainbow Groupies!

Layla wanted to tell you all something.

No, seriously, she does. I'm not forcing her to sit on my lap or anything. Go on, tell them Layla.


Confession: Neither of these cats are Layla. They are frauds I found on the Google.  
Anyway, happy 2012!

I'm planning on a more blog-tastic year than last, so I thought I'd ring in the first blog post of the year with cats. Because they are the mascot of the Interwebs.

You might have thought it didn't get any geekier than the cat pictures. But it does. Oh, it does.

In accordance with my goals for the year (Note: I use the term goal, not resolution, because I don't like to be a joiner), I just finished writing and submitting a piece for an undisclosed publication that of course I'll shout about wildly, aka typing words on my Macbook to be posted on this blog, if the piece gets published.

Another confession: Those pictures of Layla and me are from ages ago, back in 2011, when Layla still sat on my lap long enough for me to force her to take pictures with me and my forehead still made an appearance. Bangs, guys. Bangs.

Happy New Year. Love,
Alison(composes), Layla, and my Retro Camera iPhone app