Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When My Brother & I Discuss Hip Hop

This is pretty typical:

You should probably also know that there was a reference to "hip hopsters" in that conversation. Also, it most certainly won't amp up either of our cred. Marco just spent Thanksgiving with the Hamm family. He knows what he's dealing with now. In fact, I almost didn't post this at all, over embarrassment—embarrassment that I misspelled Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yeah.

Oh, and we're talking about Childish Gambino, in case you missed it on NPR, geeks.


  1. YES! Does that mean I have cred cause I uploaded it?! :) How did you print your screen of your iphone? You are so tech savy Alison...

  2. Oh, totally. And I'll fill you in on the secret of sharing private texts to the public interwebs tomorrow!