Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Mix Tapes: No Restitution! La Da Da!

If I just read the lyrics:
And I think I'm going crazy, Yes I think I'm going crazy
Because I've known, all along

there's no restitution for what we've done
No resolution and I
I just can't take it anymore
I'd think, fuck, that must be an incredibly depressing song—and of course I'd be delighted to hear the melancholy doom and gloom of it all—but I think it's safe to say Mayer Hawthorne puts a pretty whimsical spin on the notion of going crazy over the lack of restitution, the absence of a resolution. 

Check out my favorite geek:

And so I think I'll do the same. You know, be whimsical about the arbitrariness of ... it all. Cause really, there often is no restitution, and "I just can't fake it anymore."

California might be sinking.

If it is, why do you stick around?

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