Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poetry Slam Tuesdays: Cubicle Craze

Welcome to the Cubicle
Back to back
For hours
In this weird space
No windows or doors
Can't even sneeze in private
typing, typing, typing

Wonder if you knew
That if you turned around
At the right moment
You might catch my life on the screen
Maybe see me trying not to fall into the monitor

Back to back
For hours
Push your chair too far & run over a foot
Majority of my waking hours
Staring into a corner and a monitor

There's a wall of Post-its
And a phone that might be a prop
A printout of Prince
LOLs and Purell and Scotch tape and Pez

This is the cubicle.

How's the back of my head today?

And for poetic relief, a poem by Joyce Carol Oates!

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