Friday, July 9, 2010

She's My Man! (Twitter & Jane & Scissor Sisters, OH MY)

Today I made several incredibly important discoveries, via the Interwebs. More specifically, via some tweets and twoots. I will now defend Twitter to my death, because thanks to it, I discovered the following in a matter of ten minutes.

1. The Scissor Sisters will be in Chicago September 2. (via @PasteMagazine)

2. Next, I randomly discover Jane Fonda is an active tweeter, thanks to some retweet I now can't find. (And we all know about my love for Jane, si?)

3. I promptly follow @Janefonda and fall even more in love. On July 5, she tweeted: "Scissor Sisters-amazing music. Really top notch. Great concert. Am in awe."

YES. I knew Jane was the coolest. I promise you, if Rene wasn't going to be arriving in K-hizzy in about an hour, right now I'd be doing the Jane Fonda workout while blaring Ta-Dah!

So for now, I'll just leave you with this:

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