Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Mother's Old Taurus

I'm driving my mother's old car every day
to this job that makes me feel 100 years old
and every day I drive past these

same cornfields back to the

same house where I used to live

when everything was different

and I was different

Back when my mom was the one
pulling in the drive in this stupid old blue Taurus
that wasn't old or stupid then,
but that was back then
in a different life

and now I'm not quite sure
how to live in this place
where most things are changed
but some stay just the same.

So I drove to Chicago in my mother's old Taurus
and I didn't feel like myself again
until I was driving toward those giant buildings.

Finally, there they were.

They were there before,
even when my mom was still the one
driving that blue Taurus to work every day,
even in that life I used to have.

They're still there now
even when I'm back here
driving past these same cornfields
to the same job
back to the same house
in my mother's old Taurus.

She is no longer here.

I've got to get a new car.

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