Thursday, February 18, 2010

St. Vincent!

I wonder if tonight's show will be like this?

In my chain of annoying events this week, I woke up feeling like crap, which was doubly upsetting because my friend Brad is coming up from Hoosier land for this show. We've had it planned for over a month.

Being my dramatic self, I was convinced I had strep throat, so I went to a CVS clinic, where I was promptly told I had a virus and pointed toward the cold meds aisle. After sleeping for an ungodly amount of daylight hours, I think I'm gonna make it.

So now I will be at the show, drinking ice water or cranberry juice or something, and desperately wishing I had the voice to yell, "I love you Annie!" But at least I don't have strep throat.

St. Vincent "Actor Out Of Work" from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

I think I might be high on cold meds.

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