Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Take a seat, George C. Scott!

Because I'll always say Ebenezer Scrooge was best played by one Scrooge McDuck.

And Nephew Fred played by Daffy Duck?! Holy crap. It's genius. I hope I can find the old VHS tape at my dad's house this week so I can watch this in full. Then of course I'll be watching:

All Herbie wants is to be a dentist! A dentist, that's all.

I think it's officially Christmas now.

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  1. I remember a certain production of A Christmas Carol that ran in a certain cafetorium circa 1994, starring the inimitable Scotter Byrnes as Marley and a certain brother of yours as Scrooge. That was pretty magical...

    Also, I have rudolph on DVD if you want me to bring it home Christmas morning, or you can stop by today on your way if you like. I don't think Winston will mind if you borrow it.