Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Rainbow Feature: Poetry Slam Tuesdays

After careful consideration and due to popular demand*, I've decided to add a new rainbow feature to the mix: Poetry Slam Tuesdays. I'll tell you now, it's no Sunday Swayze Fest (which I promise, will make an appearance again one day when it's not quite so painful), but I think it will add a nice element to the rainbow chronicles.
 *By popular demand, of course I mean one person, my brother, commented about it.

Don't worry, my plan is not to scare you all every week with my own poetry attempts, but I will brave that occasionally. (Most likely, those will be 2 a.m. poetry slams, as I get a little braver at that time of day. Brave, drunk, tired, whatever, all the same.)

I think the most appropriate way to begin Poetry Slam Tuesdays is with a little Bukowski. It's only fitting.

This one is not my favorite of his, but it's from my favorite collection, "Love is a Dog From Hell." And if you're not familiar with Bukowski, I think this is a pretty accurate first impression.

Another Bed

another bed
another woman

more curtains
another bathroom
another kitchen

other eyes
other hair
feet and toes.

everybody's looking.
the eternal search.

you stay in bed
she gets dressed for work
and you wonder what happened
to the last one
and the one after that...
it's all so comfortable-
this love making
this sleeping together
the gentle kindness...

after she leaves you get up and use her

it's all so intimate and strange.
you go back to bed and
sleep another hour.

when you leave its with sadness
but you'll see her again
whether it works or not.
you drive down to the shore and sit
in your car. it's almost noon.

-another bed, other ears, other
ear rings, other mouths, other slippers, other

colors, doors, phone numbers.

you were once strong enough to live alone.
for a man nearing sixty you should be more

you start the car and shift,
thinking, I'll phone Jeanie when I get in,
I haven't seen her since Friday.

Let me know what you think about this new feature. Also, if you're feeling brave--brave enough for all of the dozens of my readers to see your poetry, that is! ha!--send me a poem! I might post it! My full name@gmail.com. (If you don't know my full name, well, we have a problem, don't we?)


  1. Great new feature! Bukowski sure knows how to end a poem. How come when I try to rip him off it just sounds like I got confused and stopped writing?

  2. Bravo for this new feature!! I'm looking forward to Tuesdays now! : )