Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mix Tapes: L is for Lion (Babe), Locals, and Laura

Because I truly cannot think of a better way to kick off Monday Mix Tapes in 2013, I'd like to start all this off with a big, sexy ROAR.

No, really:

In other non-lioness news, after hearing two great new singles from Local Natives—first "Breakers" and then today, "Heavy Feet"—I realized that I really needed to listen to their previous album more. Maybe I'm not the only one?

Either way, here they are, standing on some train tracks (cause of course they're standing on some train tracks) singing "Airplanes":

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the former bassist, Andy Hamm, is of no relation to me. (Thanks for the fun facts, Wikipedia!)

Finally, Laura Mvula has been getting a lot of attention on some of my favorite music blogs (see here and here), and with obvious reason. So, since today I'm apparently in the mood not to post songs actually talked about today—but seriously, listen to her song "Green Garden"—here's her previous single, "She":

Happy Monday! Here's to another year of Monday Mix Tapes! I KNOW you're all excited.

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