Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mix Tapes: In Which Dirty Projectors Cover Usher & I Forget Everything Else that Happened, Ever

Chicago may have turned into a strange,wet place where it THUNDERSNOWS and then magically shoots up to 50 degrees, but whatever! I don't care, and this is why.

Dirty Projectors covered an Usher song.

Seriously, this happened, you guys, and it was AMAZING:

I think now I'm supposed to start talking about how I've listened to nothing but the new Local Natives' album, Hummingbird, all week, and how the songs "You & I" and "Ceilings" and "Three Months" and "Columbia" completely devastate me, but I really can't think straight.

The Dirty Fucking Projectors just completely killed an Usher Raymond song.

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