Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Mix Tapes: Casual As You Are, Gets Hard to Say

Last night, Maps & Atlases and White Denim played at Lincoln Hall. I hesitate to call a show perfect—what does that even mean, perfect?—but this show felt perfect, to me. Both bands sounded excellent, and the bar was stocked with $3 Budweisers and Halloween candy. Clearly, key elements to reach perfection.

I loved how humble the lead singer from Maps & Atlases was, thanking the crowd after nearly every song and just coming across as genuinely grateful to be playing.

And his voice! His beard! It's a win. So here's a song, not from last night, clearly, as I was not in Seattle:

In contrast, White Denim came on, and did not stop. Like, to breathe. There was no time for multiple thank you's. They just kept going, one song into another, sounding incredible on every track. The lead singer managed to have his glasses on for probably two songs at most before he was too sweaty, and they all just played so hard and put their fucking all into every song.

And then this happened (to clarify, this is also not from last night, but another great live version):

It was so beautiful, I swear I was hearing it in my dreams last night. I could still hear it when I woke up this morning. I will say, the dudes were dominating the audience last night, but the women I did see in the crowd were feeling it. And by feeling it, I mean the chick who was full-out spastic dancing, hair everywhere, for the entire set. I loved it. (And no, I'm not talking about myself, here. I was more subdued in my joy.)

In completely unrelated music listening, I fell in love with this song today and have listened to it probably 10 times already. Is Lulu James the most beautiful woman ever, or what? But more importantly: her voice. The beat doesn't overpower, either. It's just enough.

"Use me as your guide to the right path without the cracks (don't be reluctant to)":

And finally, because it's always best to end Mondays on a sexy note, let's listen to The Weeknd be really fucking blunt:

I like a man who gets right to the point. "Just don't call tomorrow asking what did I do."

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