Friday, June 1, 2012

Greetings from Cubicle Land: Bless You, Earbuds!

Hey guys, it's Friday! TGIF, etc. etc. Here's what I've been listening to all day to drown out the sounds of the girl in the cubicle next door, who either finds writing Groupons HIL-arious or knows something I don't, because she laughs incessantly all day. Like weird, hiccupy laughter. I do not enjoy. I like to respond by staring at the back of her head and rolling my eyes dramatically. How dare you laugh! I'll show you!

But then again, I can't really talk, considering yesterday I laughed till I cried over this. And this. I wonder what hiccupy laugh girl does when my cackling laugh annoys her?

As for me, I'm listening to this, for experimenting with my head nodding and dancing while sitting down but pretending not to be dancing because I am in a cubicle at work:

And this, for when I'm pretending I know a lot about the "UK arthouse scene" and am crushing on Jessie's Ware's makeup and hair:

And then, when the giggling gets too out of hand, I drown it out with a little bit of this, because if Tina's singing doesn't work, certainly her hairstyle is distraction enough:

I also experimented with listening to "thunderstorm and rain sound for deep concentration" and "ocean waves" but instead of drowning out the laughter, it just made me have to pee. And then I ran into laughing girl in the bathroom. Awwwkward. Neither of us laughed. Or made eye contact.

Just another day in cubicle land.

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