Monday, May 21, 2012

For Love of the Papasan Chair: The Art of Keeping (and Breaking)Weekend Rituals

Like the crotchety old 28-year-old I am, I tend to relish the comfort and familiarity of certain routines. This morning I woke up and felt kind of funky: I had forgotten to do something yesterday! What was it?

And then I remembered. Yesterday was the first Sunday in a month that I didn't spend some, if not a huge chunk, of the day curled up in my papasan chair with one (or both) of my cats on my lap as I read The Paris Review interviews, or Tess of the D'Urbervilles, or Joyce Carol Oates' journal.

Maybe it's the papasan chair. Maybe it's the way Layla looks at me like this when we snuggle:

But it's okay that we took a break from it yesterday. Instead, I enjoyed another favorite routine: sitting on a patio with a perfectly iced caffeinated beverage, good company, and a new issue of Vogue. And later, some delicious BBQ with friends and a kickass movie.

I think the only things we can conclude from all this is that:

a) I like to read (like, a lot)
b) that Layla is the shit, and
c) I need to watch last night's Mad Men, immediately.

What are your favorite weekend routines?

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  1. ok. i had to look around for a second, because as i sit on the couch with my cat curled up beside me, and my other cat hanging out on the floor, and tess of the d'urbervilles on my shelf (along with jane austen and joyce carole oates, etc. etc.), thinking about my obsession with paris, while i finish watching mad men, i seriously had a moment of- did i just write this post? yay to feminist cat ladies who get that mad men is actually not sexist, but rather portrays sexism =). plus, i just found this post through your site "dating while feminist" because i want to start my own blog on this topic and wanted to see what else is out there! cheers to long lost twins! (don't worry- we won't be single forever- i secretly believe that guys love girls with cats- they just don't know it yet...)