Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Return of Poetry Slam Tuesdays, with a Special Guest!

It's been awhile, my dears! My apologies. As a special way to return to the poetry slams, today I'm featuring a poem that my dear friend Abby was kind enough to share with me.

You might remember Abby from a poetry slam of days past. You might also remember Abby as my favorite redhead. We are kindred spirits, and she is one of the grooviest, kindest, strongest ladies I've had the pleasure of knowing. (Seriously? You don't remember? Go back and read about her. NOW.)

Without further, err, rambling, here is Abby's poem. Please, please, go check out her blog to read more of her beautiful writing. This poem was originally posted there.

I came to you
hunting for a rescue
and a sturdy wall
on which to lean
my beaten soul and mind.
You are the warm milk,
my brittle stomach,
cleansing the fear,
burying my starvation
to unreachable depths.
My shield you have become.

I came to you
as a lost girl.
You carried me
as a faithful basket
holds a joyous picnic,
carried me to womanhood
with kindness and beauty,
lust and fascination,
patience and duty.
Every bit of love that leaks
from your simple lips
is echoed to a perfect match
in my eyes.
My heart burns full
for yours is full.
I am quite found
because you are never lost.
And you are now whole
for I gave you me
and made it so.


  1. Grrrr...why can't I EVER proofread?!?! (Is that even one word or two?!) In line 27, the word 'echoes' should be 'echoed'. Alas, I made the same mistake in my own blog post. EPIC FAIL. Sorry, Al.

    But thanks SO MUCH for the shout out! It's always a privilege to be featured on your blog!

    P.S. I miss you and the kids! Tell them Auntie Abby said, "MEOWWW!!!"

  2. fixed! :)

    Always love a special appearance from the redhead!

    (I had to stop her...from...SCREAMING!)

  3. "Mrs. Peacock was a man?!?!"

    ; )