Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enchanted, Esperanza.

Praise the Lord, real talent meant something this year at the Grammy Awards. (Not that I watched it. I was in a post-busy Sunday brunch waiting tables induced coma. To be clear: I was sleeping.)

Much to the disappoint of Bieber fanatics, and much to my glee—particularly after seeing him on Conan last night (seriously, teeny boppers? THIS is your obsession? blah)—Esperanza Spalding won best new artist.

To be clear again: I had never heard of her until about, oh, three hours ago (thanks, Bitch!). But that doesn't matter. I fall in love quickly.

Here's why:

Also, THIS:

oh, hello, beautiful hair

And this.

To complete the glee... Arcade Fire! Yes! Cannot wait to see them here in Chicago this spring. WITH THE NATIONAL.

Do you think my heart will explode?

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