Saturday, December 11, 2010

there’s a dinosaur in my vodka

at this time yesterday I was OK
but not, swilling my glass and feeling all my thoughts.
i had put on the little black dress,
my lacy tights kept catching
on my stupid belly ring
and there were two giant elephants
in the middle of the party.

believe it.
i did not.

we walked through that one exhibit
my hand safe on your arm
back in that time when i was drinking
white wine when all i really wanted
was a vodka.

what a time that was,
there, with the elephants and Sue
i’m like a kid at the fucking prom
wishing you’d just ask me to dance
checking out the girls’ party outfits
and the ties, oh the ties
mini cupcakes and quesadillas

we kept looking for the lions
no one got why it was so godammned important:
the lions!
i sat at a table alone while you had a smoke
feeling all my thoughts
white wine and vodka
and not enough soda.

i wanted to read everyone’s brains
cause then maybe i wouldn’t have
to feel like i was alone at the prom.
granted, a much, much hipper one
with a giant T-rex
but still, the awkwardness and the
teetering girls in heels
and just like at my prom,
white boys everywhere.

believe it.
i did not.

you are the opposite of my prom
and that is why i love you
even still, even still

if only we had found the lions,
maybe it all would have been different.

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