Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday tape

The usual monotony of my Monday day shift was disturbed today thanks to President’s Day, which apparently means everyone goes out to lunch at Logan Bar and Grill and forgets their manners. I shouldn’t complain, since I usually make about 40 bucks on Mondays and spend the majority of the day reorganizing ketchup bottles and staring at the clock, but… if I had to say, “Chips, fries, or veggies” one more F*$&ING time at a table where no one was paying attention to me, I was going to knock someone’s head off.

I’m pretty sure my boss prefers that I smile at customers rather than snarl, but by about 1:30 the best anyone was getting was a grimace.

I really wish something along these lines would have happened instead:

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  1. That is exactly how Mondays are supposed to be spent. By that I mean Mondays are supposed to be spent remembering when Jack Black was fucking hilarious and not just making stupid movies where he poorly impersonates his character from high fidelity.