Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mix Tapes: Suddenly I'm Hit

While I'm well aware that the Grammy's happened last night, I'm not going to get into all that right now, except to say: Miguel! Frank! YES!

Other than that, I don't think I have anything new to add.

So, moving on: I think now is the time that I start SCREAMING about the new James Blake.

It's so, so much. Talk about the voice as the perfect instrument. When he first sings, "So show me why you're strong/ignore everybody else/we're alone nowwww" — JESUS.

"Suddenly I'm hit":

Meanwhile, in the brief, fleeting moments that I haven't been listening to "Retrograde" in the last week (or the new Toro y Moi! or new Tegan & Sara!), I managed to fall in love with yet another Brit, Azekel.

This guy is like my kryptonite ("we can go for a walk, we don't have to do much"):

Every time he gets to the "Can I have another portion of you with medium fries?" bit, I snap out of my crazy British R&B-induced trance and laugh. But right before you think it's all getting a little too silly, he says, "Excuse me if that sounds a bit stupid" and all is forgiven. (Also, I tweeted about him and he retweeted me and then tweeted me with "thanks" so basically I'm famous now. Or we're in love. I haven't quite made my mind up. Maybe both.)

Aside from that love affair, I'm increasingly excited for Rhye's album, Woman, to come out in March. For whatever reason, one video wasn't quite enough for the song "Open," so I stumbled back across the song last week, right at the perfect moment.  And not only because the breathy opening, "I'm a fool for that shake in your thighs" makes me really, really happy. It's just: 

"I wanna make this plain/Oh, I know you're faded/Mmm, but stay, don't close your eyes"

Stay open. Happy Monday!

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