Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today, I'm 27...

and I feel happy and grateful for so many reasons.

Happy to be sitting in my apartment, listening to old Mariah Carey and drinking Naked Red Machine;

Grateful to have health insurance, a job, and a roof over my head;

Happy to have wonderful friends who listen and care, make me laugh, and drink coffee (and tequila!) with me;

to have family to celebrate with this weekend, and a wonderful father who still makes me Funfetti birthday cakes;

Happy to be old enough to realize that I control my own happiness;

Grateful that I had a strong, beautiful mother who taught me the power of forgiveness and faith, feminism, and to never apologize for being who I am, but to also admit when I'm wrong;

and happy that tonight, I will be wearing my new hot pink lipstick, a purple skirt, and drinking a margarita!

Now if only I can get my hair to look like this tonight, it will be a successful birthday. Fuck yeah, Mariah! She won't be a prisoner of your love.


  1. happy birthday..

    Also, I miss old Mariah :)

  2. happy belated birthday. i'm sorry you don't know (i just stumbled across your blog)...but all of those things, i am very happy for you to have experienced. i hope your birthday was awesome and you didn't drink too many margaritas :)

  3. **don't know me. sorry i don't read before i post