Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanks, Leslie...

for introducing me to some great music.

Check out Blossom Dearie singing "Tout Doucement," a song you might know because of Feist's cover of it. I also just now discovered that this song was a cover. Whatever, you didn't know either. DID YOU?!

Tout doux, tout doux, tout doucement! (Comme ça?)

I was not familiar with Blossom Dearie until, oh, about 20 minutes ago, but I'm falling head over heels pretty fast. And not just over those badass glasses and pageboy haircut.

Give her a listen.

I should have known. Of course Leslie Feist would have impeccable taste.

Have you heard her Bee Gees' cover from her "Let it Die" album?  Ok, FINE, I just now realized this was a Bee Gees' cover as well. I'm a dumbass.

Thanks, Leslie. Right now, "la vie c'est épatant."


  1. I'm trying not to say "Really?!" really loudly with contempt about the Bee Gees but REALLY?! Maybe I'm just too big of a fan of the Gibb Brothers...

  2. I thought at the very least you'd enjoy all the francais in this post, Beth! :)